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I am Phylos

A Dutch multidisciplinary creative born ready to help you with your visual needs. 

Whether this is designing your brand, painting a kickass mural so your visitor's experience is taken to the next level, or spreading your life's message through motion design. I’ll be happy to find the right solution.


Not only thinking about the pretty pictures, but caring for strong conceptual design. 

Are you an agency and feel like launching a project together? Don't hesitate to let

me know and get in touch for a chat! 

*even a bit too early

*even a bit too early


photo: Lois Nootebaart

Shows & Exhibitions:

2021 okt - the RotaryClub ‘Time for Change program’ Panel debate - De Philharmonie - Haarlem (NL)

2021 sep  - Windows to the World  - Group show - gallery Kelderman en van Noort - Eindhoven (NL)

2021 sep - Haarlem Overdrijft  Group Show Open Air -  Haarlem (NL)

2021 jan - HIJSlights - Street art projection selected artists show -  Rotterdam (NL)

2020 jul- BrommerBios RAUM - animation screening ‘REFRESH’ -  Utrecht (NL)

2019 may - Artech / Tech on stage project - de Philharmonie - Velsen (NL)

2017 - Lowlands - animation screening ‘JUMP’  - (NL)

2015 - TU Delft - live art session Delft (NL)

2015 - Kunstbende - live art session - Amsterdam (NL)

Selected brands
I've worked for

Jopenkerk Haarlem

Landal GreenParks









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